Zoon van Pablo Escobar maakt 28 fouten kenbaar uit Narcos seizoen 2

De zoon van Pablo Escobar heeft een post geplaatst op Facebook waarin hij een aantal fouten kenbaar maakt uit seizoen 2 van Narcos.

Het is een hele waslijst aan openbaringen dus wij hebben een korte samenvatting genomen van het geheel.

1.Carlos Henao was not a drug dealer.
2.Pablo didn’t even support Atletico Nacional, he was a fan of Deportivo Independiente Medellin.
3.La Quinca was in prison in New York at the time of Escobar’s escape in July 1992.
4.Only one guard was killed during Escobar’s escape from La Catedral, there wasn’t a big confrontation and Escobar didn’t have any help from the law during the escape.
5.Maria Henao never owned a gun.
6.Escobar did not kill Colonel Carrillo, like he does on the show.
7.Escobar was on his own in his last days, most of his gang were dead.
8.Escobar didn’t live a life of luxury when he escaped from La Catedral, he lived in ‘hovels’.
9.Escobar never threatened the people of Cali, only the cartel.
10.Leon didn’t live in the US and was loyal to Escobar.
11.Escobar never forced his kids to stay with him underground.
12.Sebastian was involved in one gun fight with his dad, but it wasn’t like in the show.
13.The bomb attacks on the pharmaceutical chain were depicted as happening in 1993, they actually took place in 1988-89.
14.No journalists were killed outside the Tequendama Hotel.

De rest staat in zijn post op Facebook:

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