Video: Eazy E – Muthaphuckkin G’s (original video) krijgt release na 21 jaar

Dit is de expliciete versie van de video die uitgebracht werd ooit via MTV.

De maker van de video vond dat het nu wel tijd was om ook de alternatieve versie en ongecensureerde video uit te brengen. ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is een dikke film en N.W.A. is al maanden lang weer een hot topic!

Quote van de maker van de video Marty Thomas
“This is a version of Real Muthaphuckkin G’s Eazy and I started to put together in 1994. It was Eazy’s wish that this version go out after the softer MTV version had its run. While trying match our schedules over time to complete this cut, he got sick – RIP Eric. There was no longer corporate funding to finish our “explicit” version. After seeing Straight Outta Compton I realized how much I missed my friend Eazy – how we all miss Eazy – so I finished this video at my own expense and I’m sure he’s watching as this version finally get’s out there, especially now in his own voice, not an unknown actor’s. – REAL peace, Marty Thomas”

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