Twitter wil Snoop Dogg als CEO


Volgens verschillende bronnen wil het personeel van social media gigant Twitter, Snoop Dogg hebben als president!

De populariteit van Twitter is de laatste tijd sterk aan het afnemen. Vooral in Nederland verschuift het socialmedia gedrag van gebruikers zich voornamelijk naar Instagram. Zou dit een goede zet zijn van Snoop en vooral van Twitter? Wat is jullie mening hierover?

Snoop over het geheel
“Actually I didn’t say that, the people from Twitter suggested that,”

“I just was in agreement with them. I never woke up and said I want to be the CEO of Twitter. I’m the CEO of Snoop Dogg. That’s bigger than anything so it’s just them saying they wanted to have me on their team because they felt like I can give them flavor that they’re missing.”

“They say I’m an avid fan of it, I’m supportive of it, I get down with it, but there’s things that I do that can make the brand bigger and better and that’s what it’s all about – I think the uproar is coming from the employees that are a part of the executives because they want flavor, they want to be ahead of the curve. That’s what I am. I’ve always been different and diverse and able to set new trends and do what I do. Money gotta be right.”