The Game Claps Back At Amber Rose voor verdediging van vrouw die hem aanklaagt


Er verscheen een text op het instagram account van @BallerAlert waarin het volgende werd verklaard over Priscilla Rainey.

Priscilla Rainey’s past isn’t exactly squeaky clean.

Apparently she’s been arrested at least a half dozen times. A loyal Baller Alert reader sent in just a few of her mug shots which list arrests including petty theft, battery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief and more

The reader also noted that Rainey continued to film the reality show even after this alleged sexual assault took place.

Rainey continuing to shoot the show seems to be true.

She’s been promoting the show (and herself) on her Instagram at least until a couple of days ago, although the incident supposedly happened in May. Several of The Game’s friends have taken to Rainey’s Instagram page to call her out on still promoting the show while attempting to sue The Game, including his assistant Leaux Steez who says she was a witness.

Now we’re not saying Priscilla’s account of what happened isn’t true, but it looks a little odd that she would continue filming and promoting the show after something like this.

Also seems odd she would sue The Game for $10 Million and not VH1, the production team, or even consider criminal charges.

Amber Rose kwam ter verdediging van de vrouw het volgende zeggen en The Game was daar niet zo happy mee.


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