Kijken: Deze Ligers zijn echt abnormaal groot, godsamme zeg….

Wat een MOOIE beesten zijn dit en ze zijn zo ongelooflijk groot dat je het je haast niet kan voorstellen. Echt te bizar voor woorden…

Een Lijger (Panthera leo x tigris) is een kruising tussen een mannetjesleeuw en een vrouwtjestijger. Om die reden behoort het dier tot het geslacht Panthera van de familie der katachtigen. Een hybride kruising tussen een mannetjestijger en een vrouwtjesleeuw wordt ook wel een Teeuw genoemd (samenstelling van de Nederlandse woorden tijger en leeuw) of Tigon (samenstelling van de Engelse woorden tiger en lion).

We hebben hieronder een aantal video’s en foto’s waar je echt versteld van zult staan. Lees ook die beschrijving even eronder… man man man.

De Liger in de eerste video weeg maar liefst 408 kilo.

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Over 900 lbs and nearly 12’ tall. 6’tall on all fours. Ligers are 100% natural. It shows in up in genetics testing of there lineage, all lions share tiger dna and all tigers share lion dna. The two animals have bred for hundreds of thousands of years in the wild. It’s only now that the vast historical territory of lion and tigers overlapping into each other’s habitats has been destroyed for them by us that this ended . We are not talking about ancient common ancestor of lions and tigers we are talking about recent markers in the Genicts code showing recent mixing of lions and tigers over the last few thousand years showing the production of ligers and that the liger survivors went on to integrate into the permanent gene pool of all modern lions and tigers relatively recently not millions of years ago. Some good published science on the subject can be found here if it’s not by published by trained scientists and is on the Net is mostly 1/2 truths and propaganda by slactivists. Be nice ✌?❤️. 100 years ago Overlapping Lion and Tiger Territories 1900: Russia, Soviet Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh.

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Young ligers 20 months old and the size of a pony! #beautiful #liger #babies #kitty #kitten Ligers are extremely social animals. They are #happy and content living with both #lions and #tigers. They also display genuine affection for their human handler's and trainers. Contrary to popular belief, ligers are not a "man-made" creation. They are the result of a male #lion and a female #tiger that have been raised together and decide they like each other enough to breed. #DocAntle #preservationstation lots more info at #mokshabybee @myrtlebeachsafari #myrtlebeach #RSF #roar Ligers are a remarkable example of natural hybridization. Their immense size and genial nature attracts the attention of people worldwide, introducing many to the message of natural diversity and wildlife conservation. Ligers, as well as humans, represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hybridization and introgression in nature. Find out how you can meet a liger in person at For more reading and information on hybridization check out the many useful links below. Scientific literature about hybridization: Popular articles about hybridization:

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