Ice Cube wil eigen filmstudio omdat Hollywood niet cool genoeg is


Met de overgang van rapper naar film exec heeft Ice Cube geen windeieren gelegd.

Nu geeft de mogul aan dat hij klaar is om zijn eigen filmstudio te beginnen omdat Hollywood simpelweg niet cool genoeg zou zijn. Tijdens een interview met Hollywood reporter zei hij het volgende:

It ain’t cool enough yet. I mean, it’s still got gatekeepers. It’s got gatekeepers everywhere. Cool people still have a hard time showing what they got in Hollywood. And I’ve been fighting my whole career to show a different side and prove naysayers — not prove them wrong, because I don’t think you should get your energy from negative people, like, “He don’t believe in me so I’m doing it. That’s the wrong approach. You should just do it ’cause you feel like you the shit and you can do it. [LAUGHTER] Not “He don’t believe in me. Now I’m doing it.” No. So I just wanted to show, you could make great movies out here. You don’t have to spend $200 million or $100 million to make a great movie. And people can make money, have fun, enjoy it. Show a different side of life. But there’s not enough Ice Cubes out there. There’s not enough Ice Cubes getting a chance to do their thing. And hopefully my example will break down more doors.

Vergeet ons niet te liken op Facebook:

Hij voegde het volgende eraan toe;

I’m ready to run a studio. I’m ready to green light movies, and be in it to win it, you know? It’s close. It’ll happen.