Ice Cube over N.W.A. Film “Straight Outta Compton” Script, Casting & Rechten

Ice Cube

“We’re taking it to the nooks and crannies, I think deeper than any other article or documentary on the group,”. “These are the intimate conversations that helped forge N.W.A. To me, I think it’s interesting to anybody who loves that era and I don’t know any other movie where you can mix Gangster Rap, the F.B.I., L.A. riots, HIV, and fucking feuding with each other. This movie has everything from Darryl Gates and the battering ram.”

“That’s a dream come true, but we’re going to find the best actor to do the job,”. “That’s the thing about movies: You have got to find the best people to do the role. It is going to be a role that I think is right for unknowns, people who you haven’t seen before. I think that’s the best way to pull this off.”

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