#GangsterShit: Surveillance rapportage Snoop Dogg uit 1994 gelekt

Snoop Dogg was vroeger wel een boef hoor. Echt een kwaaimang die bezig was met allerlei gangster shit.

Zo won hij ooit een moordzaak en is een hoop andere dubieuze shit bekend waar hij vooral in zijn jongere jaren mee in verband werd gebracht. Hieronder een surveillance rapportage uit 1994 die zojuist is gelekt op het internet.


Long Beach Police Department – Surveillance Report 1994

Initial Request:

Subject: Cordozar (AKA Calvin, Snoop Dog) Broadus Jr 10/20/1971

Physical description: 6’4” Black Male, Athletic build, brown eyes, brown hair*

(*Officers note: while several associates described Broadus as “faded” we observed he wore his hair in a natural style and braids later in the day, not in a fade)

Reason for Surveillance: In 1993, informants advised that Broadus had learned the identity of an officer who had been placed in an undercover capacity for an extended period of time. Broadus learned that the officer was engaged in corruption and was allegedly overheard discussing the potential death of the officer.

Number of Officers requested: Three shifts of three officers. While this may seem extensive for one subject, Broadus has been described as someone who does not stop and does not quit. We plan on a long day ahead.

Surveillance Log:

Officer located the Subject at his parent’s home in Long Beach. Officers observed two adults leaving the residence at 10:00. Subject still inside the home.

Audio surveillance reveled Broadus made several calls from inside the home. All of the calls alluded to some sort of gathering at the home planned for that later evening.

11:00 Subject leaves the house in a black and yellow athletic jersey. Subject appears to be complying with the terms of his restricted driver’s license as he is being transported by an unknown associate via bicycle.

11:45 Subject arrives at a single family home where an associate braids his hair. (Officer’s note: have code enforcement investigate a possible unlicensed salon)

13:00 Detail loses site of the Subject

18:00 Subject is observed operating a motor vehicle in the area of the Prime View Drive-In theater. Subject appears to be consuming alcohol (unknown which type) and smoking a marijuana cigarette. While the Subject appears to be relaxed, it is clear that he is contemplating his financial situation.

18:30 Subject and unidentified associates attend the Prime View Drive-In.

18:45 Subject produces a bottle of Seagram’s Gin. There is a brief discussion (disagreement?) in the vehicle before the subject shares the gin with his associates.

20:00 Subject is approached by a female with whom he seems familiar. The female is later identified as Sadie, the former girlfriend of an associate. The Subject does not provide the female with alcohol or drugs.

22:00 Subject is followed back to his parent’s home. Several associates arrive, many driving vehicles that do not comply with traffic code as they do not meet minimum clearance standards. Also, several drivers were observed operating hydraulic lift systems while the vehicles were in motion.

23:00 Detail is unable to see subject inside the residence due to the crowd and amount of smoke.

23:45 Subject is seen at the door of the residence greeting an associate (a physician perhaps?). This unidentified male produced two large bottles of Gin and what officers believe to be a marijuana cigarette. Officers observed the Subject consume the marijuana via inhalation. The reaction of the Subject led the officer’s to believe that the marijuana was potent.

02:00 Many known associates, most of them female, still inside the home with the Subject. Unknown what behaviors they are engaged in.

06:00 Chaos ensues when Subject’s parents return home.

Final Disposition:

While it was initially thought that the subject could pose a danger to the public, our surveillance detail did not observe any behavior supporting that theory. We have concluded that his initial statements regarding undercover officers were not a threat, just social commentary on the damage that the war on drugs has inflicted on individuals, his community, and on society as a whole.

End of report.

Bron: CopBlock

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