Eye Candy: Chick spendeert ruim 15.000 euro om zichzelf in een kunstwerk te veranderen

De 23-jarige Summer McInerney heeft na 15 dagen geprikt worden en ruim 15.000 euro haar lichaam veranderd in een kunstwerk.

De dame uit Brisbane, Australia, wilde eerst alleen een sleeve maar werd direct verslaafd aan het werk van tattoo artiest Coen Mitchell. En om eerlijk te zijn heeft de artiest ook echt prachtwerk afgeleverd!

Ze vertelde het volgende aan Daily mail Australia:

“When Coen finished off my sleeve, I loved it and thought it was really different. “Pretty much straight away I wanted more and luckily he had a great idea for my upper thighs and bum.”
“The stomach and chest were a big deal for me when I got them done, but they actually weren’t the most painful!”

“I remember the middle of my chest – my sternum – it was unbearable.

“My feet were also pretty sore, but I’m about to get one of my feet lasered so that I can continue and finish my sleeve on my leg. I’m looking forward to that.”

I am super stoked to announce the day has finally arrived where all you beautiful people can purchase the latest copy of Inked Mag @inkedaustralia where myself and @coenmitchell feature on the cover and a spread! Get to your local newsagent or purchase online in Aus/nz to see for yourself. This is an incredible honor and extremely humbling for me. Intially getting tattooed for an art purpose, i never thought i would end up half covered or eventuating into the modelling world. @coenmitchell and myself are extremely overwhelmed and appreciative for all the support we have received throughout our journey!! For all the unanswered questions and an insight to what's next grab your copy!! Thank you @inkedaustralia for letting @coenmitchell and i represent your magazine.

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Huwelijksaanzoek en een schoot vol met kots, het overkwam deze chick LMFAO!

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