Duikers op Reddit delen hun meest angstaanjagende ervaringen

Duiken is iets wat iedereen wel eens wilt doen. Vooral als je op vakantie bent. Maar of dat altijd een plezierige ervaring zal zijn is dus een tweede.

Ik heb het zelf nog nooit gedaan. Maar na het lezen van deze verhalen weet ik ook niet meer zo goed of ik het überhaupt een keertje ga doen SMFH.

Er is een sub-forum op Reddit waar duikers hun meest angstaanjagende verhalen en ervaringen delen. We hebben er een aantal voor jullie verzameld hieronder. Have fun and remember, ga absoluut niet duiken met je bae als jullie net ruzie hebben gehad!

I had a dive master that told me once he was diving somewhere and found a full skeleton wearing diving gear with the air on the tank turned off pretty deep down. If I remember correctly they said they reported it to the police and it was found out the man’s wife turned off his air while they were on a dive to murder him.

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My Granddad used to be on a crew that dove in the Zambezi River dam hen Zimbabwe was Rhodesia and he said there was 1 or 2 catfish in their that were so big they were eating some of the African workers semi regularly and would wait underneath the dam where they were doing repairs. It got so bad and the proved so difficult to hunt that they ended up just pouring concrete into all the little caves underneath to either trap them or force them to move away.

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I’ve done a number of dives, and the strangest thing I ever saw was a large deep freezer with a heavy industrial chain wrapped around multiple times with about 5 cinder blocks attached. It was very very rusted and the deep freezer itself had to have been 30+ years old, probably more. This was about 90 feet deep just off Vancouver Island, Canada. The situation gave myself and the other divers the newbie jeebies. Logged the gps and depth co-ordinates and notified the police. We were able to find out what was inside, since one of the divers had friends with local police. 10 porcelain dolls….

A coworker of mine goes cave diving and says that while not super common, you do find dead bodies in swim gear in caves sometimes. People either go too far into the cave and then run out of oxygen on the way back, or they squeeze pass a tight gap and get stuck on the other side, unable to come back the way they came.

I dive myself but heard this story from a garda diver. In 2010 a man took a test drive in a car with the salesman and in a suicide attempt he drove the car off the pier into the sea and drowned. The salesman managed to escape my breaking the window and swimming to the surface. The divers were dispatched to retrieve the other man’s body. This isn’t in the news report which I have a link to below for anyone interested. Simply through working in marinas at the time I was able to be part of the conversation with the diver in question. When he got to the car, he said, the man was still facing forward, hands on the steering wheel, eyes wide. He’d been there a couple of hours now, where it gets creepy is when the diver opened the driver door, this combined with the smashed window caused the currents to flow through the car and the man’s wide eyed head turned around slowly with the force of it to face the diver.

When living off the coast some buddies and I would take regular fishing trips out to the oil rigs. We would always have some lines out and a few would dive down and try to spear some mangrove snapper or cobia. Once while I and two others were diving down checking out the structure we decided we needed to move due to lack of life around the rig.. we all get back in the boat and as one of my buddies is reeling in a line we had a red snapper baited on.. an easily 8-10ft tiger shark starts chewing on it right behind the prop, so close I could have poked his eye out. The idea that massive animal was in the water so close to me and two of my friends but no one saw it is terrifying. I bet he was watching us the whole time.

I got told a story once by a Maori Language teacher of mine during my time at High School. We didn’t learn much Maori, just listened to stories.
A dam in the Waikato, New Zealand had begun to have visible cracks in the concrete on the outside part of the dam and some drivers were organised to dive down and check the inside submerged part of the dam for damage on that side.
While they were down there, there was the usual debris you would find behind a man made wall which prevents the water from flowing as it would normally do if there wasn’t a dam there.
Turns out what they thought were large logs were in fact huge eels which had gotten to the size of logs due to being prevented from migrating to the sea, where they breed and die. So from being prevented from doing their natural life duties they just get larger and larger.
That would be creepy seeing eels deep down in the water just floating around…

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