Dit is het volledige verhaal achter dochter die overleden vader vier jaar lang berichten stuurde

Twee dagen geleden hadden wij een post geplaatst over een dame genaamd Chastity die haar overleden “vader” vier jaar lang berichten stuurde elke dag. Dat verhaal ging viral op onze pagina op Facebook.

Toch hebben heel veel mensen (wereldwijd) vraagtekens geplaatst achter het verhaal. Hoe mooi het ook was, een aantal dingen klopten niet volgens mensen die toch wel een beetje kritisch waren over het verhaal van Chastity.

Nou mensen, ze is zo aardig geweest om het geheel voor jullie uit te leggen middels een nieuwe post op Facebook wat wederom viral is gegaan.

Eerlijk is eerlijk, het verhaal schijnt nog veel mooier te zijn dan we afhankelijk dachten. Het verhaal gaat over een “buurtvader” genaamd Jason Ligons.

Het verhaal gaat over Jason Ligons hier links op de foto

Check haar uitleg hieronder:

After reading a few comments and some amazing stories in my inbox I see that my post has touched SO many lives. I’m sorry if people cried and I’m so sorry for everyone that has lost someone close to them.

Jason was not my “biological” father, but blood could not make him any closer! I have known him my whole life and when I was old enough to go to the Skating Rink, I did every weekend! I was that kid always in trouble for playing tag on the floor or too small to skate with the older kids. I just wanted to have fun and SKATE! After sitting on the wall enough, he figured that wouldn’t work, so he put me to work behind the snack bar with him to keep an eye on me. After that night I became the kid he picked up every weekend to go skating, not knowing he was making an imprint on my life. By the time I was in 6th grade we went out of town to sams club to restock things for the weekend and I remember him telling me “Im going to introduce you to a friend of mines, keep your comments to yourself and don’t act like the spoiled brat you are.”…….RIGHHHHHTTTTT BUT he introduced me as his daughter and from that moment on he was a dad to me.

He never missed a school dance, prom, my games and YES he would give me long talks about my mouth and attitude. I had to introduce my boyfriends to him (If I was allowed to date) and he would act like a normal dad and give us the long talk. I’ve cried with him, told him everything and even became very independent because he took the time to love me and show me what happiness looks like. SO YES Jason was my father but he was a role model for many kids in our town.

I come from a small town where there was nothing for kids to do and for a lot of black children whose parents were working two or three jobs to make ends meet the Skating Rink was were we went. Jason was there for so many children, giving them rides, lets parents have birthday parties there, going to their games, keeping them after hours and even sitting down and talking to kids that people swore would be nothing! He was the guy you could get mad at one weekend but come back and be happy he got on to you.

I didn’t share my messages to gain anything and I didn’t share them because I was looking for a Father, I had one and I still have my real dad. I shared my messages for my friends and family to see that there is a God and it might take 4 years, but he shows up right on time!

-No, I do not know Brad (Or if that’s his real name)
-Yes, I did know when I sent a text it said delivered
-No, I don’t send updates about everything it was a simple good morning or telling him that I made it through my day.
-I could not tell you how long he has truly been receiving my messages and I don’t care, I’m just happy he did.
-NO, (SORRY), he will not walk me down the aisle
-No, I do not have children (I have 21 beautiful nieces and nephews)
-Yes, I sent a 4-year update because I found myself and was ready to let him rest.

If you take anything from this, know that everyone will experience pain and everyone will lose someone they love. Regardless if that person is a friend, parent (Nonbiological), animal, child or even a role model. No one can tell you how to cope and no one can tell you how long, but you need to do it. For me, it was calling and texting, others write, visit the gravesite, drink or even put their picture by the bedside so they don’t feel alone. HOWEVER you grieve is all on you and no one can judge you, because they will one day experience and wish they could take it all back. So, love the people you have now and tell them EVERYTHING, because when they are gone it will be too late to say sorry or how you really feel. Also, create a wonderful support team because you will need it! Thank You to so many people who were there for me and my town, we truly lost a wonderful person!

Deel dit nogmaals met jullie familie en vrienden zodat zij ook het volledige verhaal meekrijgen.

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